Legal Conceal Carry in Kansas

Everyday Kansas residents seeking a CCW permit start their gun permit certification process here. We have put together the simplest concealed carry online permit qualification survey. In our 6-question survey you will see if you qualify for a multi-state recognized concealed carry license. Our CHL trainer is state approved; we are not a government agency.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

Complete your instructional requirements by watching our short instructional video for free.


Step 2: Qualify For Your Certificate

Pass our 10 question multiple choice Qualification Test, review any additional training videos and schedule your in person training with live fire.


Step 3: Complete the Process

After you complete the qualification test, we will outline the next steps necessary to secure your concealed carry permit.


If you live in Kansas and want to conceal carry in 39 other states, our certification is perfect for you!


At Concealed Coalition we believe every eligible law abiding citizen of the United States should exercise their right to carry. At the core of responsible firearm ownership is commitment to safety. This is why we are proud to offer the 1st step in securing your permit, educational safety training.

The State of Kansas allows for the issuance of concealed carry permits for resident applicants and military only. This state endorsed program requires in-person training with live-fire. Concealed Coalition is committed to providing this training, in addition to online supplemental instruction.

Kansas is a Constitutional Carry state, meaning there is no permit required to carry open or concealed, but due to reciprocity laws, the Kansas concealed carry permit is currently recognized in 39 additional states. This means that if you are a Kansas resident with a valid Kansas concealed carry permit, you can legally carry concealed in any of the other 39 states recognizing the Kansas permit.

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Three Reasons To Secure Your Concealed Carry Permit Now

Reason 1
It's Your 2nd Amendment Right.

Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as an American citizen is a privilege, we all should not take for granted.

Reason 2
Preparation for Protection

Timing is everything when it comes to unforeseen danger. Delaying preparation against threats leaves you exposed and open to attack. Preparation is always the best protection.

Reason 3
The Window is Open

There has never been an easier way to secure your concealed carry certification online. You may lose the right to secure your certification online at any time. Lock in your certification while it is still legal.

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