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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Wyoming!

Wyoming allows adults who are legally qualified to carry a firearm to participate in concealed carry within the state. However, interested individuals can still apply for concealed carry permits. Applications are processed by county sheriff’s offices across the state, and permits are then issued by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.

If you live in Wyoming but wish to conceal and carry in another state, you may want to consider getting your CCW permit. In order to complete the application process, you will need to take a Wyoming carry class, which we offer at Concealed Coalition.

Concealed Coalition’s training courses are taught by certified, highly qualified instructors across the country. Because learning about state and local laws is such a critical part of being a responsible firearm owner, we make sure that each course is state-specific.

Regardless of whether you don’t carry often or you would like to begin carrying concealed more regularly, being a responsible gun owner includes knowing how to safely operate and store your firearm. In our Wyoming carry class (and in any Concealed Coalition class for that matter) we cover the basics of firearm operation and emphasize the importance of preventing access for children and teens.

Our instructors utilize scenario-based training in the classroom, drawing on their own experiences in the field to present students with situations that make them think critically. By training in this manner in a controlled environment, we want to help set up students for success should they ever be faced with a high-stakes situation.

Acquiring a concealed carry permit isn’t just about meeting legal requirements. We believe it is a commitment to the safety of oneself and others in the community. Training courses like the ones we offer at Concealed Coalition provide essential information and skills to enable responsible firearm handling and sound decision-making. By prioritizing firearms safety training, we hope to create a culture of responsible gun ownership across the U.S.