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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Utah!

In Utah, both residents and nonresidents may participate in concealed carry, provided that they are adults who are legally allowed to possess firearms. However, the state’s Department of Public Safety still issues the Utah carry permit for anyone interested. By obtaining a Utah carry permit, you will be protected while carrying and traveling to any state that has a reciprocity agreement with Utah.

Concealed Coalition’s nationwide online and in-person training courses are led by a highly experienced team of instructors. We ensure that every course is state-specific, which allows our students to learn about rules and regulations specific to where they live. After all, not knowing state laws is not an excuse for not following them!

Part of being a responsible firearm owner also includes knowing the ins and outs of safe firearm storage and handling. That’s why any Concealed Coalition class you participate in will cover the essentials of firearm operation, as well as emphasizing the importance of child access prevention in the home.

Our certified trainers often use scenario-based training in the classroom, drawing on their own personal experiences in the firearms or law enforcement spaces. This allows them to present students with scenarios that make them exercise critical thinking. In the long run, training this way in a controlled environment sets students up for success when it comes to critical thinking and decision making in a high-stakes situation.

But maybe you’re looking for general safety training, or we don’t have a class available near you at the moment. Either way, we invite you to take a look at Concealed Coalition University.

Concealed Coalition University is our unique online library of courses on self-defense and personal protection. When you become a Concealed Coalition Member, you’ll gain access to our complete training curriculum. Lessons include de-escalation tactics, home and family protection, and addressing the legal ramifications of self-defense. With Concealed Coalition University, we hope to be able to foster a nationwide community of people who feel confident protecting themselves and what matters most in their lives.