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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in South Dakota!

South Dakota allows any adults who are legally allowed to possess a firearm participate in concealed carry within the state. However, several different types of concealed carry permits are available through county sheriff’s offices. Despite the fact that you can carry in South Dakota without a permit, obtaining a permit anyway will allow you to travel to any states that have reciprocity agreements.

Regardless of state laws, knowing the basics of gun safety is critical for any would-be firearm owner and carrier. That’s why at Concealed Coalition, we are proud to offer top-notch firearm training across the nation. Our highly qualified team of trainers is there to teach firearm owners of all experience levels best practices for safe firearm handling, operation, and storage.

It is also essential to know the laws surrounding firearms in your area. South Dakota’s laws may not be quite as stringent as some other states in the U.S., but it still has some regulations that must be followed if you want to be a responsible, law-abiding citizen. To help our students ensure they are following all laws in their area, we always ensure that our courses include state-specific, up-to-date information on the legal nuances of concealed carry and self-defense.

Looking for more general safety training? Or maybe we don’t have any classes in your area at the moment? Look no further than Concealed Coalition University!

Concealed Coalition University is our unique online learning platform that allows you to take your self-defense and personal protection training to the next level. As a Concealed Coalition University member, you’ll gain access to our complete online library of courses covering a wide variety of topics. Yes, we have basic firearms courses, but we’ve also created training on situational awareness and threat avoidance, use of nonlethal self-defense tactics, home and family protection, and much more. By using Concealed Coalition University, you can become your own first responder in a crisis from the comfort of your own home.