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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Rhode Island!

In Rhode Island, applicants can apply for an RI concealed carry permit through either a local law enforcement agency or the attorney general’s office. To apply for an RI concealed carry permit, you must first complete a firearms training course. With an RI concealed carry permit, you’ll not only be able to carry within the state, but also in other states that have reciprocity agreements with Rhode Island.

As a firearms owner, especially one seeking an RI concealed carry permit, it is your responsibility to know the gun laws in your state and how they apply when you travel to other states. After all, not knowing the laws is not an excuse for not following them.

That’s why at Concealed Coalition, our firearms courses include training on relevant state and local laws. All our courses are state-specific, so you can feel confident knowing the training you are receiving will adequately prepare you for being a law-abiding citizen and RI concealed carry permit holder.

In addition to learning about the legal nuances of concealed carry, we also cover the basic principles of firearms safety. Whether you’re brand-new to carrying or a range veteran, it never hurts to go over topics like the proper handling of a firearm and safe storage of weapons, and our certified trainers are there to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout this learning process.

If you’re looking for more general safety training, or we don’t have a class in your area at the moment, never fear. That’s what Concealed Coalition University is for.

Concealed Coalition University is a unique online training experience that allows you to learn whenever and wherever you are. As a Concealed Coalition University member, you’ll receive access to our extensive online library of courses covering a variety of self-defense and personal protection topics. Not only do we have lessons on general firearms training, but our curriculum also has lessons on situational awareness, de-escalation tactics, and home and family defense. Concealed Coalition University gives you the power to become your own first responder – from the comfort of your own home.