Concealed Carry Permit Training in Massachusetts

In Person or Online CCW Classes Near Me

SAT, MAY 25 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Waltham, Massachusetts

Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Massachusetts!

In the state of Massachusetts, gun permits are required for residents and nonresidents who wish to carry concealed. These concealed carry permits are issued at the local level by police stations. By obtaining a concealed carry permit, you not only gain the right to carry concealed within the state of Massachusetts, but also in any states that have reciprocity agreements with Massachusetts.

In order to apply for a concealed carry permit, you must first attend and complete a Massachusetts gun training course. You may be thinking, “Where can I find in-person or online CCW classes near me?” That’s where Concealed Coalition comes in.

We believe that everyone who intends to own and carry a firearm, regardless of if you would like to carry concealed should know safe and proper firearm techniques, as well as state and local laws in their area. It is for this reason that we offer state-specific in-person and online concealed carry certification courses (depending on the state) with a team of highly experienced trainers. Our team not only covers the basics of gun safety, handling, and storage, but also more complex topics like situational awareness, threat avoidance, and interaction with law enforcement as a concealed carrier.

If you’re looking for more in-depth self-defense and personal protection training, or we don’t have a course in your area at the moment, we invite you to check out Concealed Coalition University.

Concealed Coalition University is our unique online learning platform that allows you to train anytime and from anywhere. As a member of Concealed Coalition University, you’ll gain access to a huge library of courses covering everything from de-escalation tactics to nonlethal defense methods to home and family defense. With Concealed Coalition University, we hope to create a nationwide network of people who feel confident protecting themselves and what matters most in their lives during times of crisis.