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Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Maine!

If you are an adult who is legally allowed to possess a firearm and would like to participate in Maine carry (open or concealed), you are free to do so. But for residents and nonresidents who would like to obtain a concealed weapons permit, the Department of Public Safety through the Maine State Police still issues them. By getting a Maine carry permit, you can carry outside the state to places that have reciprocity agreements with Maine.

Carrying a weapon is an enormous responsibility. At Concealed Coalition, we believe that, regardless of state law, anyone who intends to carry should take some form of firearms training course. That’s why we offer high-quality, scenario-based training with experienced instructors across the nation.

Our courses aren’t just your average concealed carry class. No matter if this is your first time handling a firearm or you’re a veteran on the range, there’s something for you in our training. While training with us, you’ll learn the basics of proper firearm handling, storage and operation, as well as covering more advanced self-defense topics like situational awareness and interaction with law enforcement as a carrier.

As a gun owner who intends to participate in Maine carry, it is also vital that you know and understand the legal nuances of carrying a concealed weapon. Not knowing the laws in your area is not an excuse for not following them, so we’ve designed state-specific curriculum to ensure that our students stay up to date on all relevant regulations.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s a review from one of our students in Maine:

“I enjoyed the class and gained insight and knowledge regarding concealed carry and important related information. I feel that if I learn even one important takeaway from a class, it was well worth attending. I took away several important facts regarding concealed carry. Laws that I should have known as a gun owner in Maine, but didn't. Great examples of the difference between being threatened and life endangerment and when I should treat an encounter as a robbery or trespass void of life endangerment… Thank you for offering this class. I feel that I am much better prepared to carry.” -Judy L.