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FRI, JUL 19 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Wichita, Kansas

Concealed Carry Training
SAT, JUL 20 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Wichita, Kansas

Concealed Carry Training
SAT, AUG 3 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM

Overland Park, Kansas

Concealed Carry Training

Get Your CCW Permit Certification in Kansas!

In Kansas, any adult who is allowed by federal and state law to carry a firearm may do so, openly or concealed. However, concealed carry licenses are available for residents who choose to obtain them. By getting a concealed carry license, firearm owners from Kansas can carry concealed in states that have reciprocity with Kansas.

Regardless of state law, we always recommend that law-abiding citizens complete an approved firearms training course covering topics critical for any gun owner to know, such as firearm safety and the legal side of carrying a concealed weapon. Participating in such training helps ensure that permit holders are well-versed on the responsibilities and obligations that come with carrying a concealed firearm.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Where can I find in-person or online CCW classes near me?” If that’s the case, then Concealed Coalition has the solution for you.

At Concealed Coalition, we firmly believe that - regardless of whether you choose to get your concealed carry license or not - it is extremely important to learn safe and proper firearm techniques, as well as know the state and local laws near you. It is for this reason that we offer state-specific in-person and online concealed carry certification courses with a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers.

If you’re looking for more training on self-defense and personal protection, or maybe we don’t have a class near you at the moment, we invite you to check out Concealed Coalition University.

Concealed Coalition University is our online learning community that provides a platform for you to train anywhere. As a Concealed Coalition University member, you’ll receive access to our comprehensive training library, which has courses covering a wide range of defensive living topics. Not only do we have lessons related to firearm training, but our curriculum also includes lessons on threat avoidance and situational awareness, home and family defense, and nonlethal defense tactics. With Concealed Coalition University, you have the power to become your own first responder – on your own timeline.