Concealed Carry Faux Pas

Concealed carry permit or license holders have a major responsibility to ensure that their actions are law-abiding and intelligent. While a majority of these decisions are common sense, others may take a bit of preparation and thought. Here are a few examples of situations that a person who decides to conceal carry should consider.

Bringing a Gun to the Party
A video recently surfaced of an FBI agent dancing at a wedding. The agent decided to do a flip and his gun fell from his pants, discharged, and wounded a guest. A collective gasp was heard around the entire gun community. While this is an extreme example of a concealed carry holder deciding to unwind and have a few drinks, the weapon should have been left at home. This video brings to light the next two topics.
Video Link

Your Equipment Matters
Spending money on a firearm, training, concealed carry clothes, and defender bonded jacketed hollow points are all important purchases. Skimping on a solid concealed carry holster could make all of the other costs moot if drawing your weapon is problematic. This cost-cutting decision could cost lives.

Trigger Discipline
One of the first lessons taught in firearm safety is to not point guns at things you do not want to shoot. One should never put a finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot. The FBI agent’s weapon in the video above did not discharge until his finger touched the trigger.

Ignorance is no Excuse
Should a concealed carry holder find themselves transporting their concealed firearm across state lines, being pulled over and explaining to a police officer you are not aware of their laws won’t help your situation. It is essential to know the laws in the areas when transporting firearms. Being ignorant of these could become more than an embarrassing situation and could lead to incarceration.
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Where is your Gun
At this time, our second amendment rights are limited in certain areas. Whether entering a school, government building, or a hospital concealed carry holders should be prepared to store their gun in their vehicle. When you must disarm going into a gun free zone, having a secure place to store firearms is crucial. Lockboxes and mini safes are additional expenses that should not be skimped on.

There are several situations where concealed carry holders may have to remove their firearm. Examples include dressing rooms and restrooms. A concealed carry holder in West Bend, Wisconsin had a significantly cringe-worthy moment. Police were called to a local Starbucks when a holstered gun was found in the bathroom. The person was later arrested for “negligent handling of a dangerous weapon”. News story.


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