Doing Your Homework Before Your CCW Test

Every state with CCW permitting is going to have their own way of training and testing concealed carry gun owners because they're all going to have their own gun control laws. For instance, California is generally anti-public carry overall, and requires some precedent of self-defense for CCW or open carry, while Texas does not. But generally you can expect a written test somewhere along the way. If you're a safe, experienced gun owner, then a lot of the answers will come to you as easily as how to spell your own name. That said, there may be a few questions that can throw you off, so you will want to prepare for your test. You want to get it right the first time, so here are some...

3 Tips To Get You Ready Post Test

Look up trial versions of your state's written CCW exam. The questions asked on these sample tests may differ here and there from the ones you fill out in your concealed carry course, but if you can ace one of these sample tests, you can ace the real thing.

Stay in practice. Firearms training is one part study and a hundred parts conditioning. By practicing gun safety and proper use every day, in the field and at home, you're transforming your teaching from something that you've memorized to something that you know in every inch of your body, and it will become second nature.

Hit the range. Even if you have a safe place to shoot cans and targets out on your own private property or a friend's place, it's a good idea to spend some time on the range. If you have room to improve in any area of your shooting, they'll let you know.

A Bit of Clarificaiton 

In order to preserve gun rights and stem the advances of excessive gun control, it's on every one of us to prove that the vast majority of CCW carriers know exactly what we're doing. When we talk about guns falling into "the wrong hands," the truth is that we're talking more about basic incompetence than anything else. That's part of the security of holding your CCW permit. It's not just to keep yourself out of the backseat of a police car. It's also acting as a personal checklist to confirm there's nothing you're forgetting and you've got all the training you need for safe and legal concealed carry.  Think of it like getting a trade school degree. Obviously, you already knew all that stuff or you wouldn't have graduated, but you need ot hav the paper to prove it.


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