Stay Safe and Stay Prepared with This 3-Tiered Preparedness Approach

The popularity of the EDC or everyday carry has grown exponentially. Its been an amazing thing to watch. In fact, its one of the ways young people are getting roped into preparedness and situational awareness. At concealed coalition we can really get behind that.

The truth is, the EDC is merely one piece of a larger approach towards holistic preparedness and disaster response. It is merely one level. In this article I want to talk about all three levels and how they work with each other. I guess the best way to look at it would be like a staircase.

EDC Concept

Whether born from the idea of mitigating threats or just efficiency, many people have a set of items that they call an EDC. This set of items goes with them every day, everywhere. A solid and simple EDC for most is going to look something like this:

·         Keys

·         Phone

·         Wallet

·         Pocket Knife

·         Flashlight

·         Firearm

·         Maybe some sort of compact first aid or trauma kit

From there you can add tons of things that work just for you. I carry a Dango wallet that has a little multitool card stored within it. That is part of my EDC as well. Some people also carry handcuff keys, tactical pens, sharpies, note pads.

Based on our 3-tiered approach your EDC should be extensive enough to get you back to your car or to your Get Home Bag.

GHB Concept

Now, the Get Home Bag is the 2nd tier of this approach. Based on how far you are from your home and where you work, this bag should be filled with everything you need to get home, assuming you don’t have a car.

You should consider things like:

·         Food

·         Water

·         Fire

·         Shelter

·         Self Defense

·         Navigation

·         Clothing

·         Foot wear

·         Access (bolt cutters, pry bars)

The purpose of the get home bag is simple. It gets you home!


Bugging in

The final tier of this preparedness approach is getting home and staying there or bugging in. Your home should be outfitted with enough resources to sustain and secure your property. Things like food water and ammo are very important.

So, the flow is very simple, but it must be thought out.






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